Types of funding

25th October 2013

On behalf of the Government, MBIE invests a significant proportion of public funding for research in New Zealand’s research organisations through annual contestable funding. On top of this, Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) receive $215 million of core funding—this is a fixed amount for CRIs to undertake research.

Contestable funding

We invest a portion of our funds through annual contestable investment processes. When a contestable fund opens for application, MBIE published a Request for Proposals (RfP) on this site and the MBIE Portal opens to receive applications.

CRI core funding

Each CRI is provided with core funding to deliver outcomes for the benefit of New Zealand.

Core funding gives CRIs greater financial certainty and comprises a significant proportion of total funding available to CRIs.

Pre-Seed Accelerator Fund (PSAF)

This fund provides publicly funded research organisations with funding they can allocate to early stage commercialisation of ideas. PSAF funding is intended to stimulate and attract investor interest to publicly funded research and development.

Additional funding priorities

We also invest in research through other funds and processes. These include:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage Investment Round: This request for proposals invites research organisations to submit proposals for research on priority topics in the area of carbon capture and storage (CCS) through an open contestable process.
  • Fellowships for Excellence: To provide a supply of researchers who excel by encouraging the career development of talented early and mid-career researchers. This encompasses the Rutherford Discovery Fellowships, administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand external link
  • The Marsden Fund: For excellent basic research initiated by researchers. The Marsden Fund is administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand external link
  • Research infrastructure: To improve the quality of science infrastructure and access to it. 
  • International science relationships: Strong international partnerships and other links. 
  • Vision Matauranga Capability Fund: Developing and supporting skilled researchers and organisations doing research relevant to Maori innovation and communities.
  • Envirolink: Funding for regional councils to seek advice from Crown Research Institutes, universities and private research organisations on environmental projects
  • Funding for research partnerships: Funding that addresses industry development bottlenecks that affect a range of companies and industries. We aim to encourage proposals that are industry-led and that have the broad objective of transforming sectors where there is no existing consortium.

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