2014 contestable science investment round

30th May 2014

Peer reviews are currently being sent out for applicant rebuttal. They will be sent for rebuttal as they are recieved. Once notified that a review is available for assessment, applicants will have one week to provide their rebuttal via the MBIE Portal. This will ensure that the assessment panels have sufficient time to incorporate the peer review and rebuttals into their assessment.

All proposals are now closed

The MBIE portal for all 2014 contestable science investment round proposals has now closed.

Notification on the results of Smart Ideas Phase 1, Stage 1 will be sent to applicants by the end of May 2014.

Funding decisions for all investment mechanisms are tentatively scheduled to be announced in September 2014.

Further information

Questions about the 2014 contestable science investment round and the process can be emailed to investmentround@mbie.govt.nz.